Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon Pg, 1-15

Summary-Vocabulary Words- After some war Petra the Character that is introduced to us is coming home form a long war, she’s fourteen and is returning home from some kind of international battle school where she was a commander. She is now coming back to her family and country to try to live a more normal life. In addition, since she was part of the international fleet she is a prime target for other countries to steal and use for their own endeavors (A.K.A. World Domination)

Vocabulary Words-

Flivver-small car

Reading Response-

I was Petra, or if I were in a position like hers, returning home from the war, I would probably have the same feeling as she had in the book. I mean you’ve been away from home for most of your life and you’ve been trained to be an international space commander I’d be in culture shock too. I would be so accustomed to the lifestyles of taking orders, and watching my own back that I’d proboaly have trouble coping to having a family that cares about you and takes care of you. Just imagine knowing nothing about your parents, having most of your childhood memories of being tested, and trained, with no care or love at all. Not having you first tooth pulled out with your parents, crying an all, but with the If’s (international Fleet) hospital staff, not remembering the lonely place you’ve been with out parents to take care of you.

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