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Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon Pg. 95-197

Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon Pg. 95-197
In this part of the book, Bean receives and de-codes the message from Petra. Back the Petra and Enders “jeesh” Achilles separates all of them to torture them until they no longer pose resistance. Then Bean aware of the situation, secretly contacts Peter, Ender Wiggin’s brother, for he is actually a political columnist, Locke and Demotheses, with the information that Bean sent him, he goes to the press and gets the children released, also he learns that Bean, who he once though was dead is actually hiding and arranges to meet. During the release of the “jeesh”, Petra is kidnapped and transported, by Achilles. Bean meets with Peter, and his mother, who tells him Peters history and gives bean insight, to help them win or prevent a war (a little more complicated than that).
• Juxtaposition
o Put side by side
o Emphasizing a liked between the 2 objects
Why would anyone want to take over the hegemony/world? why would you?
In this book, there is a big emphasis on taking over the world, but what happens if you do. I mean, you’d be the most powerful person on the planet, but you’d probably lose friends, have many people hating you, and possibly a revolution. So, what is the point of taking over? So why? If you do take over what is your gain. Look at the world today; you have places that are neutral, like Sweden. They have never been taken over, or attacked any other countries, and they are fine the way they are. If everyone tried to be essentially good, no one would have a reason for aggression.

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