Saturday, March 14, 2009

Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon Pg.197-240

Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon Pg.197-240
In this section of the book Bean and Peter, test each other’s loyalties in a talk of strategies and next steps. They figure out that Achilles is probably planning and playing the Indian government to launch his empire. After that point, Bean suggest that Peter should some out of hiding behind the Locke persona and reveal himself to be a kid. Before this Peter, gets Bean a passage into the Thailand government, where he plans to fight Achilles. There is left to convince the leader of the military, another boy from battle school, to left him have a small force to save Petra
• Pique
o Bad Mood
o To put in a bad mood
• Expedient
o Appropriate
• Scuffle
o Disorderly fight
o Fight in confusion
• Prodigy
o Genius
o Wonder
In this part of the book, I really like how the story is sort of like a lot of parallels in the plot. For example, for the last how many pages he hasn’t talked about the other character group, Achilles and Petra, only about Bean, Sister Carlotta, and Peter. This is reminiscent, of R.T.S. (real time strategy) games. In this metaphor, the jeeps are like the readers, and the story is the enemies, the more you read the more you map out the terrain and connect the little pieces of the map every step you take. You always know your enemy in hiding the uncharted places, you don’t know where, but he’s there, like what happened to Achilles and Petra.

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